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We deliver premium event services: Easy, on schedule and flexible. Our service portfolio covers all relevant event works: From ideation and research to operational execution, including planning processes and logistics. We help our clients to create effective live-communication and we include marketing requirements provided by the client in a clever way. Our events are artistic, but not artificial; sophisticated, but not pretentious. We deliver quality, even behind the scenes.


We let brand communication and campaign targets come alive and emphasize quality - everywhere, anytime. We offer individual booth building for trade shows up to 200 sqm, including conception, CAD works, logistics and realization. Richness of ideas, craftmanship and international experience define our work. Unrestricted budget adherence, uncompromising reliability and individual solutions are part of our DNA.


Good ideas are adequate, not expensive. We always seek new materials and manufacturing processes for our individual object- and furniture construction. We use the whole spectrum of contemporary media technology to create eye-catchers for a booth. Our video works, written and produced in-house are visually sophisticated, intelligent and entertaining at the same time. Our ideas help to expand our clients' marketing measures onto the stage of live-communication.

Guest management

Solid guest management including individual guest relation completes our service portfolio and is a guarantor of success for many events. We do not let machines talk to the guests via automated textblock generators. We transport the appreciation of our clients to every guest, even when there are more than fifty events per year and more than five thousand participants.

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m.eins is a fullservice event- and booth construction agency, located in Mainz, Germany. Established in 2008 by Dirk Iskra and Oliver Puschatzki, m.eins delivers premium event and trade fair services. Our team offers widespread expertise in all event-related areas and booth building works. Our clients count on our reliable project management utilizing firmly assigned contact persons as well as our subtle creativity and the solid, database-supported guest management.

Our team brings together extensive professional experience regarding event technology, graphic design and video editing, architectual 3D visualisation including individual object- and furniture construction, trade show logistics, stage design and decoration.

m.eins ties up all loose ends, making your event and trade-fair appearance a success.

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Now in store: The m.eins cup.

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